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I like pizza.
I could use this page to talk about how I was in The Sound of Music when I was 10 years old, and then proceeded to be a freakin’ nun in productions of The Sound of Music repeatedly over the next 10 years, or how I did my first commercial pretending to drown in an ad for the local pool when I was 9 (Attendance did not increase much after viewing), or how my very first film involved me burning my hand off and wearing a bright red wig that would have sent the Pretty Woman creative team running, but that’s boring!
Instead, here’s what is important; 
I, Lindsay Rootare, am an ordained minister, I can be in your film AND legally marry you!
I signed the big book in NYC City Hall and everything!
I am an active participant in the Daily Pizza lifestyle. That means I eat pizza literally every single day. I make craft services easy!
I really really love baseball (Go Mets!), when they are ready to re-make Fever Pitch (again), call me! Same goes for my love of hip hop, let’s make a genderbent 8 Mile remake! I’m from Detroit, my parents literally live on 8 Mile - I can do it!
I try at least one new thing every week, be it kayaking through an abandoned shipwreck graveyard, performing stand up comedy or EATING A SALAD. If you have an exciting idea, holla at me, I’m always game!


Looking for my treatments, production and photography work?
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Legit/Commercial - Linda Wisch


Lindsay can work local for the Cleveland and Atlanta markets and is currently seeking representation for them.