I could start with how I did something from "a tender age"
or "literally since birth," but that’s boring! 
Instead, here’s what is important; 
I march to the beat of my own drum, and not just my own drum,
my own style of marching too - on stilts! I'm not saying the world
asked for a sequel to The Greatest Showman but....I'm a
stiltwalking soprano!
I am an active participant in the Daily Pizza lifestyle (and I'm a
LITERAL PIZZA PRINCESS. Really!). I eat pizza every
single day. I make craft services easy!
I try at least one new thing every week, be it kayaking through an abandoned shipwreck graveyard, taking my sassy hedgehog on a field trip, crafting a deep dive on sustainable fashion for my podcast,
performing a fresh bit of stand up comedy or EATING A SALAD.
If you have an exciting idea, send me a message, I'm always game!


Looking for my podcast?

This is my general reel! It's got a lil' taste of everything.

If you want to go on a GENRE JOURNEY:

Horror Reel | Comedy Reel

If you want to see my commercial reel or my self-tape reel,

shoot me a message (Below!)! 




Additional Pics of My Head!

Lindsay wears glasses - really
Lindsay for The Hand Me Up Club
Lindsay with her hair up, woo
Lindsay does Tech
Lindsay likes colors
Lindsay likes Balloons
Lindsay used to have all blue hair
Hesitant bb
Lindsay likes hats
Lindsay likes 90s-00s fashion



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