I could start with how I did something from "a tender age"
or "literally since birth," but that’s boring! 
Instead, here’s what is important; 

I march to the beat of my own drum, and not just my own drum,
my own style of marching too - on stilts! I'm not saying the world
asked for a sequel to The Greatest Showman but....I'm a
stiltwalking soprano!
I am an active participant in the Daily Pizza lifestyle (and I'm a
LITERAL PIZZA PRINCESS. Really!). I eat pizza every
single day. I make craft services easy!

I try at least one new thing every week, be it kayaking through an abandoned shipwreck graveyard, taking my sassy hedgehog on a field trip, crafting a deep dive on sustainable fashion for my podcast,
performing a fresh bit of stand up comedy or EATING A SALAD.
If you have an exciting idea, send me a message, I'm always game!


Looking for my podcast?

This is my general reel! It's got a lil' taste of everything.

If you want to go on a GENRE JOURNEY:

Horror Reel | Comedy Reel

If you want to see my commercial reel or my self-tape reel,

shoot me a message (Below!)! 




Additional Pics of My Head!

Lindsay likes Balloons
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Lindsay for The Hand Me Up Club
Lindsay likes hats



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